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A Ninja Turtle Bedroom Decorations theme can be a great way to bring an Asian feel into your life. There are a number of different designs you can choose from, including a canopy bed that has a long slit window for you to see in the middle of the night or maybe a canopy curtain that hangs from the ceiling. You can also add more decorative items like a turtle bed cover. Most turtles come with the ability to speak only in turtle sounds and you can easily make this happen by adding a tape on microphone into the design of the turtle bed cover. You can purchase these at your local craft store or from a good wholesale directory.

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Turtle curtains are another popular option for your turtle bedroom decorations. They can be hung on the windows, and can sometimes even serve as screens when you are not using them. Turtle pillows are another great addition to your bedroom. Many turtles will actually lie on their back and rest their head on a pillow while they sleep. These pillows are perfect to use as your turtle’s bedding. If you have access to the Internet then you can use your imagination and use the Internet as your basis for designing your turtle pillow.

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You can create any design you want with a simple Google search and some basic sewing skills. Once you have completed the design, it is very easy to take it and put it on a pillow. A lot of websites that offer wholesale blankets and pillows offer patterns and instruction for making pillow covers. Creating a turtle bedroom can be a lot of fun. You can use your own unique design ideas or purchase the items and have them custom made just for you. Whatever you choose, I am sure it will make your turtle feel like royalty in your home!

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