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Tov Furniture has been led by experienced industry professionals with many years of experience working in each and every stage of the industry; sales to retail, manufacturers to consumers, sales to dealers, distributors to end-users. If it’s in an industry where change always comes at a crawl, surely it would never wait for another year. In fact, it came as a bolt from the blue, as the brand has launched an impressive campaign to make the new year’s sales. So, what has this bold advertising done for the brand, and is it going to have an effect on the year ahead? This brand has been in the furniture manufacturing business for almost 20 years, making it one of the oldest in the field. It’s been able to keep on innovating the market, always coming up with new designs.

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The latest thing is the introduction of ‘Made To Order’ furniture. This is one of the most innovative new ideas that a retailer has come up with within a long time, giving consumers a lot of options to choose from. Now you no longer need to have your furniture custom made; you can get the furniture you want tailored to fit your exact measurements and style exactly. You can choose from a wide range of styles, sizes, materials, and finishes available from Tov furniture stores. If you are looking for something unique and perhaps a little different then opt for their signature line of outdoor furniture. It includes chairs, stools, chaise lounges, outdoor benches, tables, barbecues, and sofas. When it comes to interior furniture, Tov has a diverse portfolio to offer. You can choose from a variety of beautiful fabrics, finishes, materials, and color schemes for your own personal use.

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The collections include casual, formal, contemporary, and modern furniture. Whatever kind of design or feel you are looking for in your home, you will find it here. From leather and fabric to vinyl and fabric, you will find it here. They have an exclusive line of modern sofas that are great for your patio or garden, and a huge range of living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms to match. All of the accessories, whether it be the fabric covers for the tables or the umbrellas and pillows, cushions, or the accessories to cover the tables, are available in full colors, patterns, and styles to create a look that makes your space special. You can even find them in matching furniture sets to make everything you need. And don’t worry about finding a place to store these things because you can also get Tov furniture bags, which are designed to look like regular bags.

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